Welcome to CPC’s very first blog post!

by jreynolds1120
3 years ago

 I hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping a positive outlook during this pandemic. It has been a very long journey the past few months but I am excited to start a new chapter in my life. Today, I would like to educate everyone about the  clinic and how our treatment may be different than what you would expect. 

Cleveland Performance Chiropractic was founded on the idea that everyone should have access to the highest standard of conservative care and treatment. After spending several seasons as an athletic trainer in professional baseball, I learned that the care offered to the best of the best was not even close to the care offered to the general public. There is a huge gap right now between the best conservative care models and what is offered to the public. 

Most conservative care models offered to the public is antiquated in its theories, treatments, and patient education. Patient’s are told they have back pain because something is off or rotated or not firing at the right nano second. They are told treatment will put something back in place or breakup muscles. They are told their diagnosis occurred because running and/or lifting is bad for the body and they must immediately stop that activity. Patients are told they need treatment for the rest of their life or pain will return. This style of management actually reinforces the idea that movement and activity are detrimental.

Well guess what? That is NOT true and research does not support any of those claims. Research now shows that bones don’t move or rotate out of place. Treatment does put bones back in place or break up muscles. Running and staying active is NOT bad for your bones and joints. Running, lifting, and staying active is actually extremely healthy and recent studies support the notion that running increases your life-span. 

Movement is Medicine. The more we move and require our body to adapt to stress, the stronger and more resilient our body becomes. Isn’t that empowering? What’s even more empowering is patients that are taught how to manage and treat their own pain actually have better long term out-comes and less re-injury rates. We can control our pain!

Does that mean you don’t have to be treated every month the rest of your life? YES! Most treatment plans at CPC are a few weeks long and emphasize teaching YOU, the patient, how to take care of YOUR pain. Don’t get me wrong. Treatment also consists of joint manipulation, muscle work, and dry needling but the foundation of our treatment encourages you the patient to manage your pain. 

Let’s talk a little bit about what to expect during your first and second visits.

During your first 60 minute visit at CPC, you will be asked to perform a full body, motion captured movement examination. Followed by a thorough history and clinical exam. The most important part about day one is making sure your injury is diagnosed correctly. In most cases, we will not know exactly what is going on until you return a few days later for your second visit. Because movement is medicine, you will be prescribed 1-2 take home exercises to perform the next 1-3 days to help confirm the diagnosis. 

On visit #2, we will spend 15-30 minutes educating you about your condition, why it happened, and how we will treat this together. A game plan will be developed and laid out for you so you know exactly the course of care. Your personal goals will be addressed and we will make sure you thoroughly understand the management of your condition.

I hope that helps shed some light about Cleveland Performance Chiropractic. I am very excited to offer exceptional care and treatment in the Lakewood community and look forward to meeting you. Our next post will discuss what actually happens during joint manipulation and why it is beneficial.

 Dr. Kevin